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We offer a range of services and are happy to collaborate with others on projects that require a team with complementary skills. If you don’t see something here that you think we can help with, just ask. We’re always happy to let you know if it’s something that’s outside our area of expertise¬† refer you to someone else in our network. Have an idea and looking for some help in funding a project? We have a sound working knowledge of various training grants and workforce development funding streams available to different types of organizations, and are happy to help you with your application.

Labour Market / Workforce Development Strategy

Whether you are a private company looking to develop an internal strategy to build and retain your workforce, or an industry association or sector looking for solutions on a range of labour market supply and demand issues, we can work independently with your team or put together a team to work with you.

Skills Development and Assessment

Are you looking to develop new programming or refresh some current training? We have extensive experience in developing competency and assessment standards, frameworks and strategies that can be applied to your specific needs and articulated and mapped to other qualifications and certifications.

Learning Technology

Are you looking to take your training and development activities from paper-based or manual tracking processes to a technology-based solution? We can help you evaluate your needs and find the right match for a learning technology. We can also connect you with technical experts that can migrate your existing content or develop new content for you. We have first-hand working knowledge of a range of Learning Management Solutions.